In business since 2020, we’re focused on automating the insurance brokerage back office.

ezok robot working in a insurance company

Created in 2012, Ezok was born with the purpose of changing the world of technology. The company started dominating the world of automation and the creation of chatbots for companies in Brazil. In 2020, after understanding the deficiency of technology in the insurance industry, Ezok decided to work only in this niche to improve the back office of these companies. Growing and understanding the Brazilian market with big names in the market, Ezok expanded in 2022 to Canada, where it is going through an acceleration process with the Accelerator Centre. Ezok’s future is global, so we continuously seek to improve our services to deliver the best result.

What does Ezok stand for?

Our company was already born with a purpose in its name. Ezok, comes from the Malay language and means “tomorrow”. We have been looking at technology since we were developed, but all our work is focused on improving the future of insurance brokers.

Our Mission

 To fully automate the insurance back-office.

Our Values

Approach every customer interaction with integrity and commitment and transform our attitude into innovation.

Our Founder

Ezok was founded by our CEO Henrique Bilbao. Henrique has 18 years of career and has won awards such as Best International MBA Final Work from FGV and Apple FileMaker Maddog in 2012 and 2013, an event organized by Apple. Henrique has a computer science, engineering and data science background and is currently pursuing a post-graduate degree in Business Intelligence at Conestoga College in Canada. In addition, Henrique has served as Vice President of Marketing at Associação Catarinense de Tecnologia (ACATE) where he is currently Director of Internationalization. He is essential to Ezok’s growth, and we thank him for his services.