Automation for

Insurance Brokers

helping to simplify and automate your day-to-day.

What is Ezok?

Ezok’s robotic process management platform — designed specifically for the insurance industry — helps insurance brokers reduce their costs, save time and reduce their liability by streamlining and automating routine back-office tasks and client policy administration.
We started our journey in Brazil, where we are driving innovation and automation into the insurance industry with great success. As we expand globally, we are looking for more companies who want innovation and automation to drive revenue growth and profitability.

“Ezok helped us automate 35 brokerage processes. Today, our largest team is in customer service and business, previously it was administrative. In addition to not hiring more employees for processes, those that remain are more productive because repetitive tasks are reduced to a minimum. This move was key for us to double our size in the last three years.”

Marcel – Director in SICOOB


Insurers communicate with insurance brokers via email, API and CRM. Our goal is to make these deliveries more assertive, so instead of humans working on data updating and checking, our automation takes care of that.

Better policy intelligence is delivered directly from the insurer to your CRM.

  • Is your brokerage spending too much time manually updating and checking policy information? 
  • Is getting accurate, up-to-date policy information from insurers a painful task?
  • Ezok works directly with insurers to feed up-to-date, accurate policy intelligence directly into your CRM to eliminate the manual effort.
By automating your back-office administration with Ezok, your brokerage can save costs, cut administration time, and reduce your liability, so you spend more time selling and building your business.






Why use Ezok policy intelligence for your brokerage?

Lower your business risks

  • Less Discrepancies in Policies
  • Reduced operational errors

Improve your business efficiency

  • Eliminate costly, manual data capture and entry
  • Keep your CRM updated with the most accurate information direct from the insurer

Grow your brokerage business and revenue faster 

  • Focus your staff on selling vs costly policy administration

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We believe technology is the tool to ensure insurance brokers get to the new level.

Ezok exists because we believe that the world can be made simpler by applying technology. Our story started in 2020 developing automation for the insurance industry.