Sales platform.

Making Online Insurance Sales Ez and Ok .

Ezok helps your brokerage compete and win in an online world.

Sell more policies with less manual effort.

eZok can move your brokerage sales online quickly

Say goodbye to manual labour
Why are you still selling policies the old fashioned way? eZok turns your brokerage into an online selling machine.
Cut your sales cycle from days to minutes

Your customers want to buy insurance online. Let’s make that happen and watch your revenue grow.

Turn your team into a selling machine

With eZok you can drive more sales for your brokerage, with less effort and fewer errors.


Your customers want to buy insurance online. Let’s make that happen.

We can transform your insurance brokerage into a selling machine so you can compete and win in today’s competitive market.


To make it easy for brokers to sell more insurance


Integrity, Commitment, Attitude, Innovation.

Digitally transforming insurance

one brokerage at a time

We’re 100% focused on insurance

We empower your company and employees to grow faster through online sales.

Fits into your existing business workflow

We’re not out to change your business, just make it easier to sell and compete.

Integrated with leading Canadian P&C Insurers

Connect through eZok to all of Canada’s leading P&C insurers to boost your efficiency and offer a variety of policy options to your clients.

Make better business decisions

eZok gives you better information about your policy holders in real time so you never miss an opportunity to upsell and renew.


Insurance brokers love us

Want to save time, money, hassle when it comes to policy sales? Let ezok be your partner in success.

Boost your brokerage efficiency.

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General Question

We are responsible for the implementation of the policy, the promotion of your website is through your marketing.

Depending on the product, it may take an average of 15 minutes.

Yes, the system allows you to see your customer applying for a new policy in real-time.

No, we are an intermediary, providing integration between brokers and insurance companies.


The Best Offer For You

Discover the perfect solution for your brokerage with our flexible packages. Always find the right option, without complications or hidden traps, and switch packages whenever you like.


Monthly Fee
CA$ 500.00
  • Quotes Unlimited
  • Real Time
  • 1 Insurance Product Online


Monthly Fee
CA$ 4,000
  • Quotes Unlimited
  • Real Time
  • Up to 4 Insurance Products Online


Monthly Fee
CA$ 10,000
  • Quotes Unlimited
  • Real Time
  • Up to 10 Insurance Products Online

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We believe technology is the tool to ensure insurance brokers get to the new level.