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EzVault is a pioneering technology tool designed to transform the insurance sector by reducing risks and enhancing productivity and efficiency in the interactions between insurers and brokers

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Automation with EzVault

EzVault leverages automation to handle repetitive and pattern-based tasks, allowing technology to take the helm. This shift enables our clients’ staff to focus on intellectually demanding tasks, boosting overall efficiency and scaling operations effectively.


  • CRMs: Enhance customer relationship management by automating data capture and workflow.

BIs: Gain insights and drive business intelligence by aggregating and analyzing insurance data

  • ERPs: Streamline enterprise resource planning to improve overall operational efficiency.


In Brazil: EzVault is fully compliant with the LGPD, supported by our specialized consultancy partner, Tracker Segurança da Informação, ensuring top-notch security and compliance standards.

In Canada: EzVault adheres to PIPEDA (Learn more about PIPEDA), also with the robust support from Tracker Segurança da Informação.

Infrastructure and Support

    • Scalable Infrastructure: Ready to grow as your business does.
    • Data Structure: Robust and secure data handling.
    • Front-End with API: Flexible and easy to integrate.
    • SLA-Backed Maintenance: Reliable service and maintenance commitments.
    • Access Control: Ensuring secure and controlled access to sensitive information

Advantages of Choosing EzVault

Risk Reduction

Minimizes contractual risks and employee turnover

Time Efficiency

Cuts down time spent on data capture.

Error Reduction:

Lowers the rate of operational errors

Scaling Operations Replaces manual labor with efficient technology

Technological explanation of how Ezok's RPA works for insurance

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