Expand your business and conquer international markets.

Your growth beyond the border starts here! Our unique approach to internationalization opens doors to new markets, providing your company with the visibility and growth it deserves on the world stage.

The process of internationalization with Ezok it is a clear and structured path to success.

With Ezok, every step is carefully planned and executed to ensure your company not only enters, but also thrives in the global marketplace.


At Ezok, every step is calculated to maximize your international success.

The benefits of having Ezok as a partner are having access to:

Why do I need to internationalize my company?

In an increasingly globalized world, the internationalization of companies has become not only an option, but also a necessity

Maximize the global potential of your Startup with our services.

International consultancy

Get strategic guidance to position your company in the global market, taking advantage of trends and establishing effective networks.


Receive personalized support and advice for each step of the internationalization process, ensuring assertive decisions and continuous progress.

Canvas survey

We help you develop an exclusive canvas for your company's internationalization, identifying target markets and entry strategies, while evaluating barriers and challenges.


We help prospect mergers, acquisitions and investment opportunities, connecting you with investors and potential buyers.

Prospecting for lost funds

We identify and help raise investment funds, representing your company in meetings and pitch presentations.

Business advisor

Access to specialized consultancy to strategically direct your company towards international success.

Administrative assistance in Canada

We facilitate your entry and establishment in the Canadian market, offering support in the initial administrative stages.


Each client that achieves international success is validation of our commitment.

See how we transform startups into global companies, proving that with the right strategy, global markets are within your reach.


Meet our team

Each member of our team brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion for internationalization. At Ezok, you not only find consultants, but partners dedicated to your global success.

Henry Bilbao

CEO Ezok

Living in the ecosystem of Waterloo, Canada, Henrique has an innovative vision. Leads investment search and M&A for Ezok clients. His experience at Brazil's largest technology association brings a unique approach, combining technical knowledge and market insights to guide companies on their global journey. 

Alessandra Hoffmann

Ezok Consultant

Living in the ecosystem of Waterloo, Canada. Leads the area of due diligence and bureaucracy for Ezok clients. He has more than 15 years of experience in corporate administrative law.

Jian Melo

Ezok Consultant

Living in the ecosystem of Florianópolis, Brazil, Jian is a PhD student in international relations at UFSC and a master in business administration at UDESC with a dissertation in company internationalization. Leads the market research and investment canvas for Ezok clients.

Josimar Zimermann

CTO Ezok

Josimar, with over 15 years of experience, is the brains behind custom software solutions. His ability to adapt technologies to the specific needs of startups is essential to ensure they are ready for the international market.

Richi Furmah

Ezok Consultant

Living in the ecosystem of Guelph, Canada. Leads the Pitch and Networking area for Ezok clients. Richi, a professor at one of Canada's largest universities, brings an academic and practical vision to the team. His experience in technology and international business is fundamental to guiding companies on the path to innovation and global success.


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Frequently asked questions

Ezok stands out for its personalized approach and our in-depth knowledge of global markets. We offer a unique mix of consultancy, strategy and international connections, tailored specifically to your startup's needs.

We assess your company's readiness with a detailed analysis, considering factors such as product maturity, financial situation and market potential. Our team will help you identify the right time and the ideal strategy for your internationalization.

The time varies depending on the complexity of your business and target markets. Our process is efficient and adapted to meet your needs, with clear planning and defined goals to achieve results as quickly as possible.

We have a diverse, multilingual team that understands the cultural nuances of different markets. We provide guidance and training to ensure your business communicates and operates effectively in any global market.

Common challenges include regulatory barriers, cultural differences and local competition. Our team has the expertise to navigate these challenges, using specific strategies and market intelligence to ensure your success.

Yes, a crucial part of our service is helping to attract international investments. We connect you with a network of investors and facilitate the negotiation process, ensuring the best deal for your company.



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